Signs partnership, secures large-scale contribution from TaaS


Etherparty: Signs partnership, secures large-scale contribution from TaaS


VANCOUVER, Canada, September 11, 2017 — Easy-to-use smart contracts creator Etherparty has signed a strategic partnership with Token-as-a-Service, the first-ever tokenized closed-end fund dedicated to blockchain assets. TaaS has contributed a significant amount of ETH to purchase FUEL in the pre-sale as part of the ongoing partnership which will see collaborative efforts between the two enterprises as the cryptocurrency and blockchain market continues to expand.

“We are hugely excited with Token-as-a-Service investing in FUEL and backing Etherparty as they have a reputation for backing winners in this space,” said Etherparty CEO Kevin Hobbs.

TaaS analyses hundreds of initial coin offerings, or ICOs, selecting just over a dozen which stand up to the high standards and quality that is required to sustain the platform’s reputation for delivering high returns on investment. The investment platform recently announced it produced a 61 percent ROI for its members during its first fully-operational quarter from May 1  to Aug. 1, 2017.

“The Etherparty platform allows users with zero knowledge of smart contract programming to create an enforceable, self-executing digital agreement for all types of transactions,” said Ruslan Gavrilyuk, co-founder and CEO of TaaS Fund.

Etherparty is a user-friendly system for the creation, use, and management of smart contracts which has the potential to dramatically expand the rate of commercial and consumer adoption of blockchain technology. While blockchain (or distributed ledger technology) may recast the foundations of electronic commerce and data storage, the technology’s use by non-computer professionals has been limited by a lack of user-friendly applications.

“Etherparty unleashes the speed, cost-reduction and security benefits of smart contracts for individuals and businesses. It represents the next generation of software as a service,” said Hobbs.

The use cases for smart contracts are near limitless, with application opportunities available across almost all industries. The core use cases that Etherparty’s smart contract templates will focus on include peer-to-peer escrow contracts, supply chain management, token creation, sports wagering, real estate contracts, and contractor agreements. Using Etherparty means easy access to developed smart contracts. Users simply utilize templates that work suit their purpose; no expertise of programming necessary.

FUEL is the token that powers the Etherparty platform. FUEL is a transferable ERC-20 compliant digital token deployed on the Ethereum network. Users will pay for access to the platform’s functions, which includes access to the smart contract library, security monitoring tools, and a network monitoring dashboard. The FUEL token serves as a method of validating the user’s interactions with Etherparty’s platform. In the future, FUEL will serve as access for smart contracts on multiple blockchains, integrating these disparate blockchains into one unified view within the Etherparty platform.

Recently Etherparty announced a strategic partnership with Rootstock (RSK), the first open source smart contract platform powered by the Bitcoin network.