SERO Project Report-December 2018 – SERO – Medium


SERO team with angel investor Suyang Zhang(4th from right)

What is SERO?

SERO (Super Zero) is the world-leading technology based on Zero-knowledge proof that truly implements blockchain privacy protection and a public chain platform that supports Turing complete smart contract operations.
 DApp developers can issue their own anonymous token or anonymous ticket based on SERO CHAIN to circulate throughout the SERO ecosystem.
 Super-ZK — Zero-knowledge Proof encryption library, independently developed by SERO is currently the fastest in encryption performance. In the same application scenario, Super-ZK encryption speed is 20 times faster than Zcash (the mainstream privacy protection cryptocurrency that at present, uses zk-SNARKs). Compare with Bulletproofs (the latest bulletproof protocol), Super-ZK is more than four times faster. SERO solved the Zero-knowledge proof performance problem. SERO will lead the privacy protection space and will pave a path for the broader commercialization of blockchain.




Completed in December:

Release version

Release version summary

  • BetaNet-RC6 is the last rc version before BetaNet-Release and will be converted to betanet-release after full testing.

BETANET-RC6 Features

  • Generate package as anonymous asset.
  • Support for Closed bid and privacy OTC development.
  • Adjust the key system to provide a more secure account address mechanism.
  • Adjust the account structure to support the following light wallets and mobile wallets.
  • Block synchronization speed optimization.
  • Smart Contract pay fee for caller.
  • Adjust block rewards

Underdevelopment MainNet R&D

  • SE-Random Consensus
  • Lightweight wallet tool
  • Offline calculation of SC


4th December【 SERO and Lingyun Chain officially signed a strategic partnership agreement】

SERO CEO and Co-founer Robert (right) signed the contract with Professor Deng Qi (left), founder of Lingyun Chain

SERO will be providing privacy protection technology to Lingyun Chain’s Artificial Intelligence Block Cloud(AIBC) blockchain ecosystem for end to end financial solutions.

Lingyun Chain’s Artificial Intelligence Block Cloud(AIBC) blockchain ecosystem will be developed on the principle of decentralization, scalability and controllable cost. Drawbacks of current AIBC focuses on the centralized, non-scalable and high cost of customer service traditional cloud computing. At the launch of Lingyun Chain, SERO and Lingyun Chain formally reached a strategic cooperation. The technical solution of SERO’s privacy protection in the Lingyun Chain blockchain financial solution once again confirmed the unstoppable status of the unicorn of SERO technology.

6th December【SERO CEO and Co-founder, Robert was invited as a guest lecturer】

On December 6th, CEO Robert gave a lecture to the students of International Business School of Canada. The topic was “The Status and Future of the Blockchain Industry”.

7th December【SERO was invited to participate in the Chain Plus 2018 Block Summit organized by The Blockchainer】

On December 7th, SERO was invited to participate in the Chain Plus 2018 Block Summit organised by The Blockchainer. SERO CEO Robert gave a speech on the theme “Blockchain and the wings of Privacy Protection”.

This conference gathered people from around the world. Two top exchanges, Coinbase and Bittrex, the world’s top digital currency payment company Circle, the domestic first-line blockchain investment institutions NGC, DFJ and other responsible institutions were all unveiled, 60+ blockchain professional investors, 200+ blockchain outstanding enterprises. The 400+ industry participants gave wonderful keynote speech, and SERO won the award for “Blockchain Technology Innovation Award 2018”.