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Let’s see what fun games are here~

  1. Indorse(Click to view details)

A revolutionary platform using new models of tokenization and decentralization to change the shape of professional social networking.

【Editor’s Comment】It is another social platform that aims to return data to its users. It seems that the “data ownership revolution” is coming with a bang~

2. Wangcai Dog(Click to view details)

A lottery game where the player with the last adopted dog at the end of the countdown (12:00:00) and wins the pot!

【Editor’s Comment】Remember the Fomo3d derivative game the other day? This is the dog-skin version. But the name Wangcai Dog is quite Chinese style, wondering if the game is too. Again, cautious about getting into the game.

3. EtherDrop(Click to view details)

EtherDrop is an Ethereum giveaway where you enter a lottery draw giving you a chance to win up a big buff of Ethereum.

【Editor’s Comment】I opened the website and I smiled. Very simple style. Guess how to play? A drop of a digital droplet, you drop the ETH into it and you add a little bit of water to it, and who put in the last drop which makes the droplet drips down gets all the ETH. What fantastic idea they have… Similar to this kind of game, there is a concept of “random number” to decide who will win in the end. Therefore, the verification of the fairness of “random number” is the most important thing.

4. 1Address(Click to view details)

Allow users safely to buy vanity Bitcoin address over smart contract.

【Editor’s Comment】It allows users to create a bitcoin address with the similar format of an EOS account, such as replacing a bunch of previously cluttered bitcoin addresses with a series of human-readable strings of letters.

5. HEROcoin(Click to view details)

HEROcoin is a decentralized ERC20 token, which means it is controlled by an intelligent contract on Ethereum. The first project to adopt HEROcoin is, a P2P prediction and fun game platform for online e-sports.

6. Meridio(Click to view details)

Meridio enables you to create and invest in shares of individual properties on the blockchain.

7. OOGROLL(Click to view details)

A decentralized lottery game.

【Editor’s Comment】Sorry, the name of this DApp reminds me of the song “Pinduoduo, share more get more”. (Pinduoduo is a very popular online shopping site and just rang its bell on NASDAQ. Its theme song is repeatedly played everywhere.)This game is that, every time you guess, the system automatically generates a random number of 1 to 100. When the random number is less than the maximum value you set, you win; OOGROLL returns the principal and you win the prize. So, again, the production of random numbers is the key. The developers say their random number is generated entirely by So it appears that they are positioning themselves as tables on street, betting on the weather of the day.

8. SCORUM(Click to view details)

Sports-optimised blogging platform that rewards active users.

【Editor’s Comment】A steemit specializing in sports content? Anyway, as long as it has something to do with sports, it gets natural advantage.

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