MetaX Develops Ads.txt Plus, Powered by adChain and adToken (ADT)


a blockchain technology company driving development and adoption of open
platforms for digital advertising and the creator of the adChain
protocol and adToken (ADT), has brought the existing IAB Tech Lab ads.txt
utility to the Ethereum blockchain, resulting in Ads.txt
, one of the first open source decentralized applications
(DApps) for digital advertising. It is now available in beta on the
Ethereum Rinkeby

Ads.txt is an IAB Tech Lab project aimed towards transparency within the
inventory supply chain of the programmatic advertising industry. Since
ads.txt is a public webserver file, it makes it easier for buyers to
identify authentic publisher inventory.

“Ads.txt was a great leap forward for the digital advertising
community,” said MetaX Chief Revenue Officer, Alanna Gombert. “As
members of the IAB Tech Lab Blockchain Working Group, we decided to give
back to the community and build Ads.txt Plus, an open source version
built on Ethereum. This is part of our greater mission to encourage
honesty, integrity and communication within the advertising industry.”

Ads.txt Plus provides the following features:

  • Automatically publish “Distributed Lists of Sellers” (DLS) to
    Ads.txt Plus eliminates the need for programmatic
    buyers to develop and run a web crawler by using an “ads.txt aware”
    smart contract. A DSP only needs to hit a provided API endpoint to
    retrieve Publishers’ DLS record. Given blockchain is a universal data
    set that is always up-to-date, participants can listen to events and
    receive pro-active push updates that occur immediately when changes
    are made by publishers to ads.txt records stored in the ads.txt smart
  • Support mobile web and mobile app: Ads.txt Plus enables
    publishers to easily manage their supply chains for mobile web and
    native app properties.
  • Provide publishers with a private listing of resellers: Ads.txt
    Plus provides a highly secure, encrypted environment that gives the
    publisher control over their level of disclosure, while still allowing
    programmatic buyers to access and target campaigns using this

“I am glad to see MetaX embrace and build upon the ads.txt standard,”
said Neal Richter, CTO of Rakuten Marketing, as well as co-chair of the
IAB TechLab’s OpenRTB working group and one of the creators of ads.txt.
“I look forward to more publishers implementing ads.txt and increasing
supply security in our industry.”

Educational material such as Ads.txt Plus video tutorials are available
in the adChain
Help Center
and Ads.txt Plus smart contracts can be found on Github.

About MetaX

MetaX is a Los Angeles-based, blockchain technology company driving
development and adoption of open platforms for digital advertising.
MetaX developed adChain and adToken to provide a decentralized supply
chain solution for digital advertising. To sign up for company updates,
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About adChain

The adChain Protocol is a connected set of products and tools powered by
blockchain technology that provides a new set of crypto standards
available to all global industry participants within the digital
advertising ecosystem. The first adChain decentralized application
(DApp) is the adChain
, in public

About adToken

adToken (ADT) is the native utility access token of the adChain
Protocol. It is an ERC-20
and allows for technical transactions including adChain
registry voting, adChain crypto API, and Ads.txt Plus.