Dora Network Gets a Big Reward For Its High-Performance Public Blockchain – Press Release


The Dora Network is aiming to get more money for various operational activities relating to its blockchain efforts. The Dora Network is producing a high-performance public blockchain that will help get decentralized apps or dApps to move concurrently.

The layout for the Dora Network’s bi-directionally expanded blockchain will work with vertical and horizontal functions and DVBC consensus functions in mind. But to make the most out of the blockchain development, the network is looking to get more money. Fortunately, the team was able to raise $5,000 after finding a surprise error in a program.

A sizeable bug at Tendermint, a software provider that helps people replicate applications on many machines, was fixed by the team at the Dora Network. The core development team received a $5,000 reward for its services.

What Was the Issue?

The problem with the Tendermint program was that evidences were not included in a block for gossip. As a result, it would be impossible to punish Byzantine nodes. Byzantine failures where servers can struggle to find other failures in a system were too commonplace with Tendermint.

The development team at the Dora Network helped Tendermint to find a solution for identifying the Byzantine nodes that were to be handled. The discovery and fix to the program will ensure that Byzantine failures will not be likely to occur, thus reducing the risk of certain problems with a program developing. More importantly, dApps through Tendermint will be easier to operate with fewer interruptions getting in the way.

The $5,000 bounty that the Dora Network got will help with the production of the high-performance public blockchain that the group wants to set up. This includes working with abetter effort for managing a zero-transaction fee blockchain.

Further Development Is Critical

The most important part of the Dora Network’s grant is that the group will use the funding to help with improving upon how well its blockchain can be set up. The Dora Network blockchain will be made without transaction fees. It will also be compatible with EVM setups to ensure that dApps can migrate well between systems. The horizontal expansion process will ensure that the Dora Network’s efforts will reach millions of people. Even then, the vertical expansion will still make many programs parallel with one another to produce a better setup that isn’t hard to follow.

The big bounty that the Dora Network development team gathered is proof that when it comes to moving forward in the blockchain world, the Dora Network is not playing around. Expect to see the Dora Network evolve and grow into a powerful network in the future.

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