Can blockchain technology help Australia’s mango industry? – NT Country Hour


Can technology designed for Bitcoin help Australia’s mango industry?

There is a trial underway in northern Australia, to see if blockchain technology can be used to track the quality of mangoes as they travel from Top End farms to southern markets.

With funding from the CRC for northern Australia, it is hoped the trial will shed light “into some of the dark areas” of the mango supply chain.

Marie Piccone from Manbulloo Mangoes says her company has put its hand up to be involved in the trial.

“We think we will get more efficient information flow and more secure information flow, so that it will be easier for us to communicate with our supply chain partners,” she said.

“It will be easier to provide the provenance of our products, traceability and confidentiality of our data.

“So we see this as a great risk management exercise.”