Blockchain, Google, Sanjay Ghemawat, Jeff Dean: Data Sheet December 4


Unstoppable Microsoft: The software giant, which has been on a heck of a roll this year, is reportedly close to rolling out a new OS to challenge Chrome. Microsoft’s past attempts to launch a “Windows Lite” have fallen short, but this time may be different thanks to a “super lightweight, instant on, always connected” product that will shed the Windows name.

Sprucing up Skype: Microsoft also announced it will add real-time captions and sub-titles to Skype. If the roll-out is successful, it could mark a rejuvenation for the video-call service, which has become something of a dog’s breakfast since Microsoft acquired it in 2011.

Taming Tumblr: After Apple removed its app from the App Store over a child porn incident, Tumblr announced a stern ban on all adult-related content. The decision is a dramatic one given that porn reportedly accounts for 10-20% of the site’s traffic.

Google Play purge: Google has booted two popular Chinese app developers, Cheetah Mobile and Keeka Tech, from the Play store. The move follows reports the companies used keyboard and file manager apps to carry out massive ad fraud.

Cloud battleground Europe: Alibaba is seeking to compete with Amazon not only in e-commerce but cloud computing. The Asian giant’s focus is Europe, where it has opened several new data centers, but it faces an uphill battle: Alibaba has only 0.3% of the cloud market there, and companies are wary of entrusting IP to the Chinese company.