Blockchain Based Marketplace Imagol Revolutionizes The Traditional Stock Photo Library


Marketplace Imagol Revolutionizes

Imagol is a platform that combines social media, a stock library, and blockchain and is the first of its kind. Using advanced P2P blockchain technology, Imagol serves up a direct stock library where image owners and buyers can interact without the use of a 3rd party.

A Sustainable User-Photographer Ecosystem

With Imagol, a sustainable environment is created for both photographers and interested buyers, creating a true win-win scenario.

Imagol eliminates the need to scour search engines for images to illegally download. High-quality photos will always be available and affordable for blogs, websites, presentations, collaterals, etc. Content will be visually appealing and achieve its intended effect. Students will have access to a library of usable photos without having to resort to illegally download images from the internet.

Photographers can monetize their creations via the Imagol DApp installed in their smartphones. All Imagol users can earn a side income and extra money by taking pictures and uploading them to the P2P platform.

How Everyone Benefits From Imagol

Using DApps and Imagol’s blockchain-based photo selling platform gives users the following benefits:

IP Is Fully Protected

Photo owners will have full rights over their content. Photographers won’t have to worry about violations over copyright and piracy marring their precious photos.

Enjoy Higher Earnings

Photographers get a higher percentage of profits whenever someone buys their images. Moreover, they can set their own selling price and have it put up in a free P2P market.

IMA Tokens Are Made Available For Everyone

IMA tokens can be used to disrupt the world’s economy by empowering the less fortunate and giving them the chance to rise against poverty.

A dedicated token called IMA will be distributed within participants and users who take part in the economy by utilizing the Blockchain based photo marketplace. Imagol users are incentivized whenever they create, upload and distribute their digital content over the platform.